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Crystal Shop Northampton


Visit Our Store

While our store resides just outside Northampton in Desborough, we extend a warm welcome to visitors from across the Northampton, including surrounding areas like Kingsthorpe, Upton, Duston, Far Cotton, Abington, and more.

Whether you're eager to explore our crystal collection, seek guidance from our Founder Jeanette, or desire to schedule a holistic healing treatment, we'd be delighted to have you!


We value both familiar faces and new ones who join our crystal community.

If visiting in person isn't feasible, fear not! We offer a beautiful selection of crystals through our online store, serving customers across the UK.

Crystal Healing in Northampton

One of the key reasons we attract visitors from Northampton is our array of holistic healing treatments. 

We offer a variety of crystal therapy treatments designed to clear blockages and cultivate feelings of peace and relaxation. 

Whether you're interested in chakra cleanses, Reiki healing, or crystal therapy, simply get in touch and we'll schedule you for the earliest available appointment.

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