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This wellbeing treatment  is very different to curing an illness, it allows your body and mind to become stronger, more balanced and able to cope with stresses and anxiety that may surround an illness. Always consult a medical practitioner if you have persistent health issues. Crystal therapy and personal use of gemstones is very much a complementary therapy, to alleviate symptoms and not meant to be a substitute for medical diagnosis.

Advice given by me through Align, is spiritual based, using my heightened intuition. The intention of this advice is for personal information only. I am not a medical practitioner, I do not prescribe or perform medical treatments. 

Clients and Buyers are responsible for their own decisions they make, based on any information provided by me and Align. Therefore Jeanette Butler and Align shall not be liable to anyone for any loss or injury, resulting from the direct or indirect use of such information, and shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by me or others in reliance upon such information.

I get my information through intuition and other sources which are deemed reliable, but I do not make claims, representations or warranties as to the information's accuracy or reliability.

By law, I am obliged to state that all services including, but not limited to, treatments  and consultations, are for entertainment purposes only.  As they are spiritual in nature, they are not to be used as a substitute in any shape or form for professional medical, financial or legal advice.


Crystals are natural, sometime blemishes, colours are not shown exactly on camera. So slight differences may occur. Love the energy and embrace the visual querks that some stones offer.

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