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How Crystals Can Balance Our Emotions & Feelings - Part I: Fear

In this series of blogs we are going to be exploring how and which crystals can help us level and balance our emotions and feelings.

Emotions are complicated. There are so many variables, they are always based and connected to external stimulus or events. They are often very strong, but can subside quite quickly.

The primary emotions are a great place to start, but just like colours if you mix two together you will end up with something completely different and it can be hard to understand exactly what that is.

Certain crystals can balance and unify emotions, connecting to the energy centre associated with that emotion. The more we work with the crystals the better our understanding of the emotion becomes.

What is Fear?

This emotion is unpleasant and is a direct response to perceiving or sensing a danger. There are two types of fear:

Rational fear: this is where we feel the need to protect ourselves, for example when we are threatened face-to-face, our brain screams danger and our instincts kick in to fight or flight

Irrational fear: is where the fear is not based in relation to any physical threat. These are the most common fears, it gives the feeling of scared, anxious, rejected and insecure.

When using crystals to help balance the emotion of fear we are focusing on irrational fear and mental fear.

Crystals For Fear

The crystals listed below, can be use alone or as a combination. By connecting to them and keeping them near, you can balance the emotion of fear.

Black Tourmaline - activates the root chakra to keep the mind, body and soul perfectly grounded and connected to Mother Nature. Holding tourmaline will balance and soothe, which helps to prevent panic attacks, if you are feeling extremely anxious and vulnerable, this stone can bring light into the dark

Yellow Tiger Eye - connects to the solar plexus to stimulate our inner self. Holding tigers eye can bring strength to fear relating to self confidence and self worth. A wonderful crystal to work with if you are scared that people will judge you or jeopardise your happiness. Tiger's Eye can harmonise your energies and protect from negative influences.

Lepidolite - is a fantastic stone to help relive the feeling of anxiety, stress and insecurity. It has a high lithium content, an ingredient often used in anti-anxiety medication. It connects to the heart and the mind energy centres, balancing them to bring us mental and emotional stability. Lepidolite can reduce overactive thoughts so we can fight our fear with rational action and choice. It lowers our emotional frequency allowing our vibrations to become slow and calm

Malachite - is a beautiful energetic stone connected to the heart centre, this helps us control our emotional wellbeing. Working with malachite, will allow you to feel confident, strong, protected and able to help overcome deep ingrained emotional fear that may stem from childhood trauma. It can expel a fear of confrontation, or fear of being seen. Helping people that are extremely insecure and feel rejected.

You can find our new emotional healing crystal pack in our online store, or if you have any questions about about crystals or healing treatments you can visit Jeanette at our store, or get in touch with us today.

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