Amethyst Heart Sterling Silver Necklace

Amethyst Heart Sterling Silver Necklace


Healing Properties

*Calming *Protective *Mind clarity *


Amethyst is a calming and protective crystal, it has soothing soft energies, that can be very protective of the mind. This crystal works extremely well with the third eye and crown chakra allowing the focus to be exact and precise. It aids intuition and brings forward the path of life, encouraging positivity.


All stones are natural and will have blemishes

  • Care Instructions

    Some pointers to keep your jewellery looking and working at its best

     Remove items of jewellery before swimming, bathing or showering – some soaps, chlorine or just water may damage the gemstones and their settings (elastic, wire, chain etc)

    Remove items of jewellery before sleeping – turning in your sleep can put the settings (elastic, wire, chain etc) under pressure which can cause it to become loose or even break

    Store gemstone jewellery out of the sunlight – the sun can cause fading of colour with some crystals, also humidity can cause silver to tarnish (blacken)

    Silver can tarnish very quickly, making it look dirty and black. To bring it back up, gently polish with a silver cleaning cloth, or use a standard silver cleaning polish. Taking care not to clean the gemstone with it, as this can cause some to become dull and fade

    To clean gemstones use a dry soft cloth.