Cleansing and Connect Crystal Starter Kit

Cleansing and Connect Crystal Starter Kit


This beautifully presented starter kit has all you need to cleanse and clear your home/space, your crystals and yourself.  It also has connectivity stone and angel and 4 basic starter crystal and a chip bracelet of your choice (subject to availablity)


The set includes: 

Sage smudge stick

Salt Rock, detox in the bath or foot bath.

Selenite cube, cleanse and purify

Black Tourmaline, grounds and protects

Fluorite tumblestone, mind clarity and to help open the crown and third eye chakras

A handmade guardian angel, to guide, love and protect you

Rose Quartz tumblestone, love and emotional balance

Amethyst tumblestone, relaxation and calm

Clear quartz, the master healer and amplifier

Citrine, abundance of joy and happiness.


Presented in a faux snake skin jeweelery box in Black or Burgundy colour please state options when placing order.


What good is a jewellery box without jewellery ?  This set also comes with a chip elasticated bracelet of your choice (subject to availablity)


  • Care Instructions

    All Crystals purchased from Align, will have been cleansed and charged before posting or collection. Over time, with continued use, your crystal will pick up negative energies and vibrations, so they will need to be cleansed and re-energised. Using your intuition, you will find your preferred way to cleanse.


    Water cleanse - gently rub the crystal whilst in the water flow, using your intention wash away all bad energies that have been collected. Some crystals are too soft for water cleansing, some have metallic properties so can not be water cleansed due to rust formation, making the crystal toxic, please see the care page for a guideline listing.

    Smoke cleanse – sage/sandalwood or any incenses you are drawn to, pass the crystal through the smoke again using intention, cleanse away the negative energies

    Burying – bury in salt for a few hours, bury in the dry earth (recommend deep cleanses every couple of months) don’t put directly in the wet soil of the garden place soil in a plant pot and make sure it is well drained, this restores the energies using mother earth, bury in brown rice overnight then discard the rice

    Sound waves – vibrations clear the negativity

    Full moon – Let them bask all night they will soak up the energy once cleansed

    Sunlight – Only leave for a couple of hours

    Charging and Awaken to your energy:

    Charge – leave out on a new moon so they soak up the energy or bury in the earth or they can use your energy – handle your stones with care and respect

    Awaken – best done by holding in your aura and sleeping pillow, they attune to your vibrations – do this one at a time so all your energy goes into each one


  • Order Instructions

    When ordering please state the colour of the box, please contact me after ordering to confirm the angel colour and the bracelet crystal