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The Align crystal shop is situated on the outskirts of Northamptonshire (LE16 8HB) here you will find a welcoming place to browse and purchase from a large of ranges of  crystals, pendulums, palmstones, tumblestones, healing tools, clusters, and display pieces, also some larger extra special crystals and lamps (salt and selenite) 

The shop stocks a range of incense, smudge stick and aura sprays also other item that include sun and dream catchers all made by myself with loving energies.  There is a beautiful range of jewellery which has been made and infused with my positive healing energies, they look so pretty. 

There is a shop section attached  to this Webpage but for browsing a larger range of items, please head to my facebook page (or click the F icon below) There you can browse the shop, watch a live shopping event and purchase your items by messaging or commenting

Align crystal therapies consist of chakra cleanse, balance and alignment sessions, which leave you feeling balanced and relaxed, but it also fills you with a renewed clear and positive energy.

I do a range of bespoke treatments all of which are detailed in the treatment section. Each of which focus wholly on your mind, body and spirit. Enhancing the crystals energy for your highest good 

I am also a Reiki practitioner, and offer sessions to clear, heal and balance. Some of the sessions can include incorporating crystals to enhance the healing process

Align Shop Desborough
Align Shop
Align Shop
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