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Summer solstice and Full Moon Energy 2024

Summer solstice blessings to you all xx

Today the 20th of June marks the longest day of the year. Which ends at sunset this evening at 9.21pm.

Tomorrow the 21st, the sun will rise at 4.42am marking the summer solstice and completing the shortest night.

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At this time. Look at what you have achieved, you should be so immensely proud. We are now fully awake, as is the Earth. Align with the suns energy and bask in its strength and embrace your inner self, helping you on your journey to self discovering and awakenings.

Couple the solstice with the strawberry full moon energy on the 22nd of June and we are in for a beautifully strong nurturing time.

This occurrence only happens around every 20 years.

The strawberry moon will bring an abundance of love and prosperity, helping you to tap into your feelings of fulfilment. The connection of fruit coming to bloom and ripe to eat, showing us that all is in progress and coming to fruition. Seeing how sweet your life can be and how much you have grown 🍓🌕

If you have any questions about what we've covered in this piece, or you'd like to come and visit us at the store, why not get in touch with us today?

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